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Our Company Growth

Alarm Insurance offers individualized, professional insurance support for your business, so you can focus on what's important: running your business.

Over the years we have employed several different insurance carriers to provide policies and the coverage has evolved from simply providing Liability / Errors & Omissions to today offering a comprehensive array of policies all directed at providing specialized insurance coverage solely for the alarm professional. This has necessitated using different carriers to best take advantage of the specialties offered by each insurance company.


First Mercury Insurance

This carrier has consistently provided excellent service, policy coverage, and claims service. We have personally witnessed claims where, instead of denial, First Mercury has actively sought to 'find' coverage on behalf of our insured. This is a great carrier to have in your corner should an Errors & Omissions claim be made aginst you. They also provide us with authority to quote, and bind small account alarm insurance policies. So if you are a prospective small alarm company call us, we can provide you with a competive quote within a few hours. For larger accounts they offer broader coverage and very competitive pricing.



Long establised as one of the perennial insurers to provide Liability / Errors & Omissions coverage for the Alarm Industry, they remain a stalwart in the Alarm Industry field. They are a non-admitted carrier - however, they are part of Nationwide Insurance Company and therefore we have no reservations regarding their financial stability.


Travelers Insurance Company

Within the past five years we have added Travelers as a stalwart provider of Workers Compensation and Business Automobile coverage. They will provide coveage in every State and are undaunted by large multi-state alarm companies which require a licensed carrier and broker in many States. If you are a large multi-state alarm company (dealer or monitoring company) call us as we are licensed in all States and Travers provides easy one number claims reporting regardless of how many Staes you have operations in.


Ace Insurance

One of the world's largest reinsurance companies. They purchased Cigna Insurance Company (with whom we had established a comprehensive alarm program from 1998-2001) in 2000. Recently they made a corporate decision to abandon the affinity market and in particular the Alarm Insurance Program we had established with them. However, they continue to provide limited Bonds for the Alarm Industry.


The Hartford

With a long tradition of innovation and providing leadership in the commercial small business marketplace, the Hartford is again offering superb coverage, competitive pricing and premium payment plans (with no financing charges) to our alarm clients. Many of you will recall that we employed them from 1994-1998 and the excellent service they provided. Today they are one of the premium insurance companies and offer excellent coverage. While other insurance carriers are withdrawing from the marketplace, the Hartford has maintained their position by continuing to offer competitive and open markets for Property and Casualty lines of business. One of their strengths is the 'pay-as-you-go' WORKERS COMPENSATION policy; this allows you to pay in twelve installments based exactly on whatever your payroll is each month-a great cash flow benefit.


Philadelphia Insurance Companies

Headquartered in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Insurance Companies designs, markets, and underwrites commercial Property/Casualty and Professional Liability insurance products, incorporating value-added coverages and services for select industries. By maintaining a disciplined approach to business, Philadelphia Insurance Companies provides greater security for policyholders and superior value for shareholders.

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